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Jon Curley; Operational Manager, practiced in vehicle Crash Rescue and Heavy Rescue extrication and lifting,  founder of rtc-rescue website.

Adept in the arena of vehicle crash rescue and heavy vehicle extrication and lifting.

27 years an operational firefighter serving at a multi pump technical rescue station, now a member of the service training team leading in vehicle and heavy vehicle crash rescue in Dorset UK. Jon still works as an operational manager to maintain his skills.


Jon has been instrumental in the development of vehicle crash rescue over the last 20 years, working with many lead names around the globe with a great mentor the master Len Watson. Being a past member of C.U.E.E.S (car user entrapment extrication society)

Site owner and developer - on duty at Poole  FRS Technical Rescue station

Jon's work has been recognised universally, most recently as an advisor for the "Essential Drivers Handbook for the RAC"

Jon is the founder and owner of the website '' developed as a portal to share and discuss vehicle crash rescue techniques and developing technology. Dealing with real life operational incidents and the problems faced when dealing with difficult rescues.


Jon is proficient in the field of heavy rescue and lifting having become a certified instructor with Heavy Rescue Sweden, delivering and developing training across the globe.


Jon has made many videos demonstrating techniques in a non biased environment and evaluated tools from several leading companies of rescue equipment.


Jon is a strong believer in the development of vehicle crash rescue and the sharing of knowledge to enhance our response. The sharing of information and techniques is vital for the ongoing evaluation and development in this field.

A lead instructor for Military Vehicle awareness and extrication techniques, with extensive experience working with various regiments in the UK specialising in vehicle rescue. For both military and civilian staff who work on these types of vehicles.


To aid in the sharing of knowledge Jon has made all his material available for download.


This material is not to be used for commercial or financial gain without written permission


We would like to summarise with a paragraph written by "Len Watson" It is all about saving life from what he says is the unnecessary waste in human performance when delivering Rescue at roadside - "In this day and age, within G20 countries, poor performance is unacceptable. More has to be done to develop an interactive approach so that medical and technical rescue works efficiently hand in glove together. Segregated training has no part in life-saving rescue and only breaths bias and indifference, and segregated services that cannot fully deliver"

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