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I am not usually one to plug merchandise. But this is something I think will bring positive messages to the rescue environment.

Having read this book I would recommend it, it also has Q codes to scan enabling you  to watch videos of techniques.

The newly published Rescue book written by Ian Dunbar is a very well written and informative resource, it brings crash rescue into the modern era based on a non biased open approach focusing strongly on the team approach and casualty centered rescue. At only £15 + £5 pp through Holmatro.com For the UK contact Colin Noble on 07760 624 468


For Realistic hands on Heavy Rescue Training follow this link,"Click the Picture"


External Side Airbag Coming Soon!


Could external side airbags soon be coming to a car near you? TRW Automotive thinks so.

Engineers from TRW Automotive are currently developing external airbags that 'pop up' on the side of the cars that they are fitted to, deploying from the sill beneath the door in 20-30 milliseconds.

The latest safety innovation being developed for the motoring industry has been designed to protect the side of the vehicle from impact.

Designers at the American automotive suppliers have said that they are now working on radar and camera systems, which will detect the exact moment that the airbag needs to be triggered.TRW Automotive has stated that it aims to have the newly-designed airbags fitted on premium German saloons before the end of the decade, if tests of the airbags are successful.

This is not the first example of external airbags, as Swedish car manufacturer Volvo unveiled the world's first external airbags last year on its V40 model.

Frontal Center mounted Airbag

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 SRS a whole subject in itself :


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